Asset Management Policy

The RAK Transport authority seeks to implement the highest global asset management standards with the aim of achieving sustainability and applying international standards for asset management to ensure sustainability, suitability and efficiency to be one of the continuous improvement inputs for asset performance in the authority and to take appropriate decisions. As this policy supports the agency’s strategic goal, "triple sustainability"

This policy aims to:

  1. Clarify the concepts of asset management.
  2. Clarify the asset management procedures in terms of classifications, asset life cycle, inventory, and registration procedures for these assets.
  3. Administrative reviews and their importance in the sustainability, appropriateness, and efficiency of the Authority’s assets.
  4. Clarify the levels and areas of review, its periodicity and timing, and follow up on recommendations resulting from the audit processes.
  5. Clarify the general framework of the audit process on the asset management system and clarify corrective and preventive measures for it.
  6. General description and steps for managing asset information, which include identifying required information, planning, information acquisition, maintenance, operation, archiving and disposal of information.