Business Continuity Managemnet System Policy

Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority is fully aware of its legal duties to limit the impact of disrupted operations of the transportation system and its supporting facilities in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, in addition to continuing to provide vital and important services by using daily means of communication and communication in order to carry out business normally.

From this standpoint, the Business Continuity Management System Policy came to define all practices and procedures for business continuity management in the Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority.


As this policy includes the conditions and responsibilities required to implement the following:

  1. Business continuity in the event of a breakdown in vital business, which may cause an emergency or a crisis that plays its role
  2. To a breakdown in the Authority’s basic services.
  3. Limiting the financial (including loss of assets), legal, reputational and other material impacts
  4. That may result from this breakdown.
  5. This policy is linked to the fourth strategic goal of the "tripartite sustainability".


Policy goals

This policy aims to clarify that the business continuity management system includes all critical processes / services in the authority that may be disrupted due to emergencies / crises, which may hinder the agency’s ability to continue to implement operations and provide key services.

The Business Continuity Management System has been developed in the authority with the aim of identifying the necessary requirements for services / operations that have been identified as critical and working to retrieve them in emergency / crisis situations, thus working to define emergency response measures for the applications and systems used, infrastructure, and back-up human resources. Necessary in the event of disruption of services affecting the customers and all concerned groups in the authority and stakeholders, which will achieve the following:

  1. Enabling and implementing an appropriate level of business continuity management in the authority that would ensure an effective response to any disruption in critical business that is likely to escalate to the level of an emergency / crisis situation.
  2. Enabling the continuity of critical operations and services in the event of an emergency / crisis, such as major malfunctions in information systems or in the absence of any of the main requirements to complete the work.
  3. Ensure that all activities and procedures for business continuity are implemented in a specific and organized manner.
  4. Achieving a level of business continuity in line with the current requirements of the authority and maintaining it in a manner that meets the requirements of change in the authority’s operations and services.
  5. Establishing an appropriate mechanism to ensure compliance with this policy.