Health & Safety Policy

The purpose of this policy is to identify and define the standards, policies and procedures the main integrated system for the management of the environment and occupational health and safety sector of public transport in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah in order to abide by and ensure their application and completeness and compliance with them permanently and continuously at a minimum by all franchise authorized companies with passenger transport within the emirate. The system was issued to comply with the laws and federal legislation and regulations and local environment-related and occupational health and safety in the United Arab Emirates and the best international practices in this area in order to manage and reduce risk, and control in order to preserve the users of public transport of all kinds, visitors, contractors and service providers, environmental protection and sustainability during operations All the strategic partners of the authority within the scope of the system work in order to achieve the strategies and policies of the Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority in particular and the government in general. Including policy standards and policies and procedures for determining the legal requirements and other relevant requirements of the environment and occupational health and safety and risk management companies and franchise crisis for passenger transport within the emirate and the mechanisms of application, control, evaluation, audit and procedures for emergency and disaster management, crisis and reporting incidents, investigation and periodic review in order to continuously improve this in order to sustain natural resources And human. The Commission has the development of the environment and the health system and safety in order to develop this framework, standards, policies and procedures its own and to carry out controls on the efficiency and effectiveness of its application through the evaluation and audit periodic and continuous on all licensed public transport within the emirate in order to achieve the goals and desired goals of its activation and its application in the transport sector .

Health and safety policy objectives:

  1. The authority is committed to remain the legislative authority and is responsible for planning, designing, establishing, operating and sustaining integrated solutions for transport systems and transportation systems, including taxis, buses, etc., while striving to reduce work-related injuries and diseases, as well as preserving and enhancing healthy and preventive cultural resources, and deepening awareness Unique in the emirate’s distinctive tourist location.
  2. Work to integrate health, safety and environmental considerations into its strategic plans and adopt possible alternatives and measures with little influence in decision-making, in the stages of design, construction, operation and maintenance of transportation network systems as it is the regulatory body in charge of this matter in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.
  3. Work to reduce all health and safety risks, and environmental impacts associated with the public transport systems in the emirate, and the processes of developing and operating transport and transportation networks and reducing them to "the lowest practicable level."
  4. Communicating with other federal and local authorities, public institutions, public benefit societies, and the relevant private sector to ensure that the process of designing, establishing, operating and maintaining transport and transportation networks conforms or exceeds the legal requirements in the areas of health, safety and environment, and other international requirements and standards that are applied by local authorities. Relevant to the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, or nationwide.
  5. Formulating public transportation systems to ensure the protection of health and safety rules at the workplace as well as the protection and improvement of the environment through operation and maintenance activities. This includes preserving natural resources and energy, reducing waste, as well as preventing pollution through skillful management and Adopting leading practices where appropriate.
  6. The authority should set goals related to health, safety and the environment, and implement programs that ensure the continuous achievement of those goals, in addition to measuring and monitoring its activities and the progress it makes against the goals that have been adhered to.
  7. The authority should provide the necessary training resources and strive to lead, motivate, empower, engage and train its employees to achieve the intended goals and programs, and encourage the principles of protection and broadcast the ethics of environmental stewardship.