RAK Theater honors RAKTA for its support and sponsorship of the play ” Lake of Peace”

RAK Theater honors RAKTA for its support and sponsorship of the play ” Lake of Peace”

Ras Al Khaimah National Theater honored RAKTA for its participation in providing support and sponsorship for the theatrical work “Lake of Peace”

The play was written by Sheikha Sarah bint Muhammad bin Majid Al Qasimi and directed by the artist Abdullah Al-Huraibi, with the participation of a group of distinguished artists. The play was shown during Eid Al-Adha holiday.

Participation in the World Water Day

In joint coordination, the franchise companies, in cooperation with the International Charity Organization and within the activities of the World Water Day, which falls on March 22 of each year, implemented a campaign to distribute water to all public transport drivers and workers in the companies.This is to enhance the role of the participating parties in supporting global events and raising awareness of the importance of preserving and rationalizing consumption and achieving optimal use of water.

RAKTA celebrates the International Day of happiness

RAKTA celebrated the International Day of Happiness, which falls on March 20 of each year, by organizing events and competitions for its employees through the Microsoft Teams, to bring joy, smile on their faces and raise the level of happiness in the work environment.

The event included a motivational video about happiness, a challenge, and competitions between the organizational units in the authority, in addition to the happiness wheel surprises, which included many prizes and gifts for all employees.

In conclusion, the events team thanked the employees of the authority for their presence and participation in this event and wished them a happy life and a happier work environment that meets all their needs in a way that contributes to raising their level of happiness and increases their efficiency and productivity at work.

RAKTA celebrates women on their International Day

Within the activities of International Women’s Day, the events team at RAKTA carried out a number of visits to women leaders in various government departments in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah to congratulate them and appreciate the efforts made by women in supporting the process of development and renaissance in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

RAKTA launches the “Smart key” initiative within the activities of UAE Innovates 2021

As part of RAKTA’ participation in the Innovation Month activities 2021 “UAE Innovates”, RAKTA launched the “Smart Key” initiative.

It is an innovative application that supports artificial intelligence technology as it helps in tightening control over the operational system and the preservation of assets through the intelligent taxi operation feature.

As the application is linked to a smart camera system which works on driver identification every 15 minutes to ensure the driver’s identity is confirmed throughout the vehicle’s operation period. Moreover, the feature is linked to smart meters, through which the meter can be opened and closed automatically when the driver’s shift starts and ends.

It is worth noting that this technology contributes to enhancing the operational process and ensuring the presence of vehicles in the emirate by tracking the driver’s working hours in taxis. It also contributes to evaluating the performance and development of the operational process. H.E Eng. Esmaeel Hasan Al Blooshi – RAKTA’s General manager confirmed that this technology will use the Big Data database, which will contribute to the development of the transport infrastructure, to know the rate of demand, peak hours and actual driver working hours. As this technology is considered the first of its kind in the country, and it comes within RAKTA’s directives to develop proactive services that guarantee the achievement of its fifth strategic goal “Future shaping” .

RAKTA organizes a digital innovation conference within the activities of “UAE Innovates” 2021

As part of its continuous efforts to instill a culture of innovation, Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority “RAKTA” organized a digital innovation conference on transportation systems in the presence of H.E Eng. Esmaeel Hasan Al Blooshi – General Manager of RAKTA, and with the participation of H.E the Counselor Dr. Yousif Mohammed Al Ali, in addition to more than 12 entities and a number of university students and customers.

The conference was opened with an overview of the transportation future, followed by presenting a short video on the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. After that, H.E the Counselor delivered several innovative topics, including the most prominent examples of future transportation, innovative practices in the taxi sector, the elements of innovation in addition to the challenges of sudden change technology in the field of transportation. Furthermore, the importance of innovation in facing the repercussions of crises such as the COVID 19 crisis and its impact on all sectors, including the transport sector, was also discussed.

The conference was held as part of RAKTA’s initiatives within the activities of the “UAE Innovates” for the year 2021, which aims to introduce participants to the importance of shifting towards innovation in providing digital public services. In addition to introducing them to the growth and development of the transportation sector in the emirate, and presenting the latest technology in the various transportation systems.

The conference concluded with a discussion session with some questions that were directed to H.E the Counselor by the participants. These questions focused on the importance of innovation in developing the transport system and its role in enacting and updating the legislation related to transportation.

The general manager reviews RAKTA’s initiatives within the activities of “UAE Innovates” 2021

H.E Eng. Esmaeel Hasan Al Blooshi – RAKTA’s General manager was briefed on RAKTA’s initiatives during the innovation week participation “UAE Innovates” for the year 2021, which was launched yesterday at RAKTA’s headquarters, and in the presence of a number of departments directors.

These initiatives are represented by the “Shaheen” initiative to monitor drivers ’behavior when driving taxis and buses, the “ Smart meter ” initiative in taxis using artificial intelligence, the “ Smart key ” initiative, which is a modern technology that enables drivers to open and operate vehicles through the smart application, and the“ Smart control center ”initiative to manage and track all transport fleets.

H.E affirmed that RAKTA attaches great importance to participate in the Innovation Week to enhance competitiveness and establish a culture of innovation in the institutional work environment by developing future initiatives and projects that serve innovation and enhance its concepts in a way that contributes to providing excellent services to customers.

Smart Control Center initiative

Within RAKTA’s Innovation Week Activities – RAKTA participated in the smart control center, which is one of the modern technologies that contribute to fleet management and serve the digital transformation in directing and controlling transportation, tracking their movement and directing them to the most requested places, It also simplifies communication with drivers and monitors their performance 24/7. Moreover, the control center provides a security monitoring platform that tracks the vehicle’s location and arrival time through smart cameras.

Smart meter initiative

Within RAKTA’s Innovation Week Activities – RAKTA participated in the smart meter initiative, which is one of the modern technologies that works with artificial intelligence technologies that support transformation, smart empowerment, operational processes and fleet management. As it also contributes to providing a huge database that can be used by determining the most requested destinations and trip costs. The technology also contributes to supporting various smart and electronic payment methods.