Completing 90% of the “paperless RAKTA” project

Completing 90% of the “paperless RAKTA” project

As part of RAKTA’s digital strategy, which includes a number of development paths to move to 100% smart and digital services by 2022, RAKTA has completed the stages of the “paperless RAKTA” project by 90%. Through this digital transformation, the authority aims to achieve environmental sustainability and enhance the green footprint in line with the vision of Ras Al Khaimah Government 2030, and to create a milestone for the authority in this regard at the level of the emirate. In addition to creating a paperless work environment, operations and customer services by 2022, as RAKTA will stop issuing or requesting any paper documents across all its services and operations.

In this context, H.E Eng. Esmaeel Hasan Al Blooshi – General Manager of RAKTA carried out an inspection tour to the Customer Happiness Center to see closely the progress of work in the “Paperless RAKTA” project, during which he met the Information Technology and Mobility Solutions Department and directed the need to exert more effort to complete the project on time. In addition to adapting modern global technologies and practices in this field to ensure the quality of outputs.

H.E also directed the need of observing 3 important pillars in the project, which include technologies to meet the technical needs, provide data to ensure that all transactions are conducted and completed without papers, and the need to update policies to comply with this qualitative shift in RAKTA’s digital operations.

RAKTA organizes awareness workshops for school bus supervisors

RAKTA organized a series of safety and security awareness workshops for school bus supervisors in various schools in Ras Al Khaimah.

The workshops aim to educate supervisors and ensure their commitment to safety procedures in school buses in order to achieve safe and smooth transportation. In addition to regulating the school transport sector in line with international best practices to ensure the students safety.

H.E Eng. Esmaeel Hasan Al Blooshi – General Manager of RAKTA confirmed that these workshops come within the authority’s efforts to enhance the levels of security and safety in the field of school transport by applying the best international safety standards on all school buses in the emirate, and raising the level of awareness and knowledge of school bus supervisors by developing a comprehensive plan to train them through the smart application of the “Al Bosala”.

An inspection visit to the maintenance workshop

H.E Eng. Esmaeel Hasan Al Blooshi – General Manager of RAKTA conducted an inspection visit to the maintenance workshop, during which he was briefed on the progress of maintenance work for vehicles and buses. He also listened to the suggestions and comments of technicians to develop maintenance services in the workshops.

The visit was attended by Mr. Mohammed Hashem Esmaeel – Director of Quality Control and Operations Department, Mr. Saeed Ali Al Nuaimi – Business Development Manager, Mr. Mohammed Habib Allah – Assistant GM of RAK Arabia Workshop, and Mr. Abdul Razak Mohammed Ibrahim – Assistant GM of Al Hamra Group Operations.


H.E Eng. Esmaeel Hasan Al Blooshi, General Manager of RAKTA, was briefed on the progress of smart cameras project in taxis, which was launched as a first experimental phase in the first quarter of 2021, and would contribute to the enhancement of smart transportation systems and the security system in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

H.E was also briefed on the developments of the “Shaheen” system, which consists of installing an AI camera in front of taxi and bus drivers that reads their face features and activities while driving to monitor stress levels and signs of fatigue, through technical indicators linked to RAKTA’s Smart Control Center.

As RAKTA seeks to adapt artificial intelligence techniques to enhance the work system in transportation, in order to achieve its vision of ” Pioneering in regulating the transportation sector and ensuring the provision of safe, reliable and smart transportation services.

H.E also stressed the importance of these smart systems in raising the quality of transportation services provided to customers, which contributes to raising the quality of life for the residents of Ras Al Khaimah.

It is worth noting that the experimental phase will be completed in the fourth quarter of this year, and cameras will be installed in all taxis and public buses fleet by the beginning of next year.

RAKTA’s Youth Council organizes a panel discussion on the future of sustainable transport

Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority’s Youth Council organized a panel discussion under the title “The Future of Sustainable Transport” at the headquarters of the Ras Al Khaimah Youth Hub in cooperation with the Ras Al Khaimah Broadcasting Authority. The discussion was hosted by H.E Eng. Ahmed Mohammed Al Hammadi – General Manager of the Public Services Department in Ras Al Khaimah, and Dr. Ayman Rashid Al Khanbouli – Head of the Institutional Advancement Office at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah.

The discussion was moderated by Mohammed Ghanem Mustafa, and in the presence of H.E Eng. Esmaeel Hasan Al Blooshi – General Manager of Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority, a number of directors and officials from government agencies, in addition to a number of youth category.

This discussion is part of a series of initiatives, programs and events that will be implemented by the RAKTA’s Youth Council, which aims to enhance awareness and culture among youth category about the future of transport in all its sectors to create a new generation that is aware of future transport systems and solutions.

The panel discussion focused on one of the global challenges to achieving environmental sustainability and reducing carbon emissions from transportation and communications, in which the switch to electric, hybrid and hydrogen vehicles is one of the innovative modern solutions that major international companies are racing to provide in various cities.

H.E Eng. Esmaeel Hasan Al Blooshi – General Manager of RAKTA, stressed the authority’s keenness to support and qualify youth category, believing in the importance of their role in promoting the comprehensive development process that achieves the vision of the Ras Al Khaimah Government 2030. Moreover, He highlighted RAKTA’s pioneering experience in operating the first two electric taxis in the UAE, stressing that the authority places environmental sustainability among its most important strategic goals to shift towards the use of environmentally friendly vehicles.

In turn, Eng. Shamma Al Awadhi, Head of RAKTA’s Youth Council, expressed her thanks to all the participants, attendees and everyone who contributed to the success of this event, stressing that RAKTA’s Youth Council is fully prepared to create initiatives that support youth and enhance their participation.

At the end of the discussion, H.E Eng. Esmaeel Hasan Al Blooshi – General Manager of RAKTA, honored Eng. Ahmed Al Hammadi, Dr. Ayman Al Khanbouli, and Mohammed Ghanem Mustafa, for their participation in the discussion panel.

RAKTA organizes the first customers forum of the year 2021

As part of its keenness to develop and improve its services to customers, RAKTA organized the first Customer Forum for the year 2021, which was held virtually via the Microsoft Teams, in the presence of H.E Eng. Esmaeel Hasan Al Blooshi – General Manager of RAKTA, a number of RAKTA’s organizational units managers, and customers.

The forum began its activities by highlighting RAKTA’s strategy and projects 2020-2025 through a short video presentation, followed by the General Manager speech, in which he thanked all attendees for their participation in the forum and valued the cooperation of all customers and partners for their response to the electronic and smart services recently launched by the authority.

It is worth noting that this forum coincides with the launch of RAKTA’s digital services platform, which allows customers to complete all transactions from their sites without the need to incur the trouble of moving to the Customer Happiness Center, which contributes to reducing effort, time and accelerating the completion process.

The forum also comes RAKTA’s belief in the role of customers and partners in developing the services provided by the authority by listening to their developmental and improvement observations and suggestions to enhance services in a way that serves RAKTA’s vision “Pioneering in regulating the transportation sector and ensuring the provision of safe, reliable and smart transportation services.”, and the first strategic goal “people happiness.”

At the conclusion, audience thanked RAKTA for providing this opportunity to listen to their suggestions and comments and to involve them in the development process.

RAKTA in a coordination meeting with the Emirates Club

H.E Eng. Esmaeel Hasan Al Blooshi – General Manager of RAKTA received a delegation from the Emirates Club represented by H.E Yousef Ali Al Blooshi – Member of the Emirates Club Board of Directors, H.E Saeed Al Nuaimi – Member of the Emirates Club Board of Directors, H.E  Sheikha Ali Al Ali – Member of the Board of Directors of Emirates Club Investment Company, and H.E Thani Salem Al Shehhi – Member of the Board of Directors of Emirates Football Club Company.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed ways to enhance joint cooperation to support sports activities in the emirate to serve the public interest and to achieve the strategic goals and objectives of the two sides.


H.E. Eng. Esmaeel Al Blooshi, General Manager of RAKTA participated in an interview with Ras Al Khaimah Radio in the live broadcasting program, As H.E spoke about the launch of the smart car rental service in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah through “eZhire” application which is available 24/7 , seven days a week.

RAKTA signs an agreement with eZhire

Within the framework of strengthening partnership with the government and private sectors to provide the best smart solutions in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah and to keep pace with government trends, Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority (RAKTA) signed an agreement with eZhire to provide smart car rental service through smart mobile application. The application provides many smart features that facilitate the daily, weekly, and monthly car rental process by simplifying the procedures including insurance, on-demand delivery, and without paying the security deposit. The application is also characterized by the ease of choosing the category of the rented vehicle that matches its needs with the ability to benefit from the application 24/7 and from anywhere.

It is worth noting that RAKTA is keen to support licensed rental companies in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah by providing the opportunity to register within the application and benefit from it in order to provide distinguished services to customers.

H.E Eng. Esmaeel Hasan Al Blooshi, General Manager of RAKTA, stated that this agreement comes within the authority’s strategy to provide digital and smart services to raise the life quality in the emirate, providing added services to visitors and tourists, and support Ras Al Khaimah’s vision to be a tourist destination.

He added: This service will be added to the smart services provided by RAKTA, especially that the process of renting a vehicle has become easier than before, as the process is carried out through simple steps: download the application and register with it, choosing the vehicle and the drop-off location, then completing the payment process and receiving the vehicle. 

For his part, Mr. Hassan J. Saduzai, CEO of eZhire Tecnologies, said that we welcome the partnership with RAKTA to adopt this application, which comes within the company’s plans to expand its services and provide the easiest experience for customers at anytime and anywhere to shorten the time and effort in the process of renting a car.

RAKTA honors a Taxi driver

H.E. Eng. Esmaeel Hasan Al Blooshi, General Manager of RAK Transport Authority (RAKTA), honored the taxi driver, Bikram Amarjeet, In recognition of his excellence and cooperation with taxi users, in addition to his full commitment to the precautionary measures.

H.E praised the driver’s good behavior, which reflects the RAKTA’s efforts in educating its drivers through “Al Bosala” application, educating them in various training programs, including precautionary measures that limit the spread of the COVID-19, which enhances the confidence of customers, residents and visitors of Ras Al Khaimah, in the services provided to them. Stressing that the authority is always keen to honor distinguished drivers, as a matter of encouraging and motivating them to adhere to the precautionary measures and abide by the rules and laws to reach the highest levels of service excellence.