Open Data Policy

RAKTA’s vision was to achieve sustainability by achieving sustainable management based on knowledge and intelligence to ensure the achievement of its strategy in order to contribute to its role in the development of the transportation sector and the development of its electronic and smart systems. The authority seeks to adopt rules and principles based on transparency and cooperation by ensuring and providing the opportunity to see the data produced by the authority without restrictions in the transport and communications sector in accordance with the rules of general legislation and best practices, by publishing and updating electronic information on an ongoing basis. The open data policy lays the foundations for ensuring audience cooperation and participation to create and develop high-value services.

Policy goals

This policy aims to clarify the procedures and the general framework for managing open data on the authority’s website and the regulations governing it, which include:

  1. The website disclaimer document
  2. Terms and Conditions A on the website
  3. Privacy policy on the website
  4. 4-Data that can be used within the open data
  5. Defining general principles for open data, which in turn will contribute to enhancing information culture
  6. Facilitating the application of best practices for the principles of open data in the Authority