Partnership management Policy

 Within the framework of the permanent authority endeavors to meet the increasing needs of the transportation and transportation infrastructure with limited financial resources and available budgets, there has become an increasing need for the private sector to take advantage of its financial and technical capabilities by providing the required capital to finance government programs and projects and thus make public funds available for basic programs Economic and social.

Where the partnership between the public and private sectors is one of the important roles that give the private sector the ability to implement projects and services for the transport and communications sector with the continuity of the public sector in maintaining its responsibility towards the governance and monitoring of providing a comprehensive service to the public and society through long-term contractual processes that bring together the two parties and grant the sector The private sector has a role in rehabilitating, building, operating, maintaining, managing and financing public infrastructure projects and services.

The main objective of the policy is to draw and design a general framework for managing the partnership with the private and public sectors to ensure that there is room for efficiency gains in project implementation and the sharing of these benefits, including:

  1. Reducing the financial burdens on the Authority’s budget
  2. Enabling the government to implement its strategic projects with high efficiency and effectiveness.
  3. Distribution of project costs over a longer period
  4. Optimum risk distribution.
  5. Raise and improve the type and level of services
  6. Encouraging innovation and anticipating the future in implementing transport and transportation infrastructure projects