Risk Management Policy

RAKTA risk management is related to the risk management culture of individuals, processes, and structures geared towards the effective management of potential opportunities and negative impacts on the environment within the organization. The purpose of the policy is to clarify and explain the authority’s basic approach to risk and its management to meet the requirements of effective governance.

Through this policy, the Authority seeks to implement the overall corporate risk management practices (processes) of the Authority, and to clarify how to manage risks, and the individual and functional responsibilities necessary to achieve the business objectives. This policy also summarizes all the necessary instructions and directives for risk management. This policy directly supports the fourth strategic goal, “triple sustainability”, as well as indirectly supports all other strategic objectives.


The main aims of RAKTA Risk Management are: 

  • Ensure that individuals and departments identify and manage the risks necessary to achieve the Authority’s objectives.
  • Improving strategic and tactical decision-making.
  • Fulfill corporate governance responsibilities.
  • Provide adequate guarantees for stakeholders and stakeholder