Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority (RAKTA) was founded in accordance with Emiri Decree No. (1) of 2008. RAKTA serves as the regulatory body responsible for overseeing a wide range of transportation services, including planning, and developing transportation infrastructure, licensing various transportation activities and providing public transport services, taxi services, school buses, marine transportation, freight transportation, commercial transportation, and various other transportation activities.
Moreover, RAKTA plays a vital role in supporting the Ras Al Khaimah government’s vision of achieving environmental sustainability in the transportation sector. This objective is pursued through enhancing transport efficiency, promoting seamless connectivity, and striving to improve energy efficiency across all transportation operations.

Our Responsibilities

  • Providing, developing, regulating, and supervising the transportation sector and passenger transport within and from the emirate..

  • Engaging in all transportation activities of transportation inside and outside the emirate.

  • Investing in various aspects determined by the Board of Directors related to the authority’s purposes, including assets, properties, and lines.

  • Proposing transportation laws and regulations.

  • Setting the controls and licensing conditions for vehicle rental offices regarding rented vehicles.

  • Establishing controls and conditions for the readiness of public passenger transport buses and contracting companies and setting licensing controls for them.

  • Enhancing equity through securing the right to mobility for all citizens.

  • Strengthening social cohesion by providing well-planned community spaces.

  • Supporting the economy through the efficient movement of people and goods.

  • Protecting the environment and society’s health by reducing harmful impacts.

  • Minimizing accidents by providing safe transport services.

  • Enhance people’s productivity by reducing excessive transport time.

  • Utilization of emerging and safe technological trends in RAK’s transport services.

  • Establish a resilient and climate-friendly transportation network that minimizes burdens on the natural and cultural environment.

  • Expand transportation choices and geography to provide affordable and convenient choices for people to meet their daily needs.

  • Develop smart, innovative, and forward-compatible transport solutions that leverage technological advances.

  • Support a strong economy through strategic transportation investments while enhancing connectivity to RAK’s unique assets.


Pioneering in regulating the transportation sector and ensuring the provision of safe, reliable and smart transportation services.


Organizing, developing and integrating the transport sector in the emirate and ensuring to provide transportation services in accordance with the highest international standards in an innovative, excellent and sustainable way to achieve people happiness.


Corporate Reputation
  • Our corporate reputation enhances the trust of all the segments of society in the services, works and activities of RAKTA.

  • Excellence in the services provided in accordance with the highest international standards.

Happiness and Positive Energy
  • Pioneering in providing the services to achieve people happiness and to spread positive energy and optimism.

  • Foreseeing the future is one of our strategic objectives and the source of our inspiration towards permanent creativity and innovation at work.

  • We believe that teamwork and enhancing and appreciating the individuals lead us to the realization of our visions and goals.

People Happiness

  • Achieving leadership in customer service
  • Organizational excellence of the authority

Integrated Mobility

  • Seamless mobility for everyone
  • Developing and improving the transportation system and ensuring its efficiency
  • DDevelopment of transportation policies and legislation

Financial Sustainability

  • Revenue Development and Diversification.
  • Financial Efficiency Enhancement

Environmental and Asset Sustainability

  • Enhancing Transport Safety and Reducing Accidents and Fatalities
  • Enhancing the Environmental Sustainability of Transportation
  • Enhancing the Security and Regulatory System of Transportation
  • Enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Enhancing organization Asset Sustainability

Flexibility and the Future

  • Developing Governance Policies and Procedures
  • Pioneer in Digital and Smart Services
  • Pioneer in Innovation Management and Future Foresight
  • The Leading Authority in transport Data Management
2023 Executive of The Year Award” from the Global Excellence Assembly in the US

RoSPA Fleet Safety Bronze Award from the UK in the fleet safety and security

RoSPA Bronze Award from the UK in the Occupational Health and Safety

UAE Ideas Award – Environment (Green Applications)

Globee Award for Services 2022

Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority (RAKTA) won the Gold Award in the digital transformation in government services in the 10th edition of the Globee International Award for the year, which aims to enhance levels of excellence and highlight the achievements of organizations and companies around the world in various fields. The Globee Awards program includes 27 categories in the field of information technology at the level of organizations and individuals. RAKTA won the “Digital Transformation in Services” category for the nomination of the digital and smart services platform and RAKBUS APP.

Based on its digital transformation strategy, RAKTA has improved the quality of its digital services throughout the years 2021 and 2022 since these platforms are the unified interface for accessing electronic services to facilitate the customer’s journey.

27th Middle East Smart Government and Cities Excellence Awards

Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority (RAKTA) won the 27th Middle East Smart Government and Cities Excellence Awards – category of smart services excellence in crisis and disaster management, in appreciation of its efforts and achievements in pioneering practices of smart transformation in crisis and disaster management and ensuring business continuity in services. This contributed to highlighting the pioneering role played by RAKTA to enhance the customer experience and improve the quality of life in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

Where this award, in its 27th session, aimed to honor the owners of leadership, technological, social, economic and media achievements in a way that enhances the advancement of the distinguished efforts implemented by the authorities and companies in UAE.

Stevie Global Awards 2021

RAKTA won for the second year in row a number of Stevie Global Awards

Gold Awards
  • Category of Achievement in Product Innovation (Smart “RAKBus” App).

  • Category of Innovation in Education and Training Apps (Smart “AlBosala” App).

  • Category of Innovation in Living, Learning, and Working Environments.

Silver Awards
  • Category of Most Valuable Corporate Response during the COVID-19 Crisis.

  • Category of Innovative Use of Technology in Customer Service – Government.

Bronze Awards
  • Category of Most Valuable Government Response to ensure the continuity of the works and management of the crises.

  • Category of Innovative Achievement in Human Resources.

Award of Unique Achievement

RAK Transport Authority ranked the First for the award of Sheikh Saqr Program for Government Excellence “Unique Achievement” Category for the Fourteenth Tournament, in recognition of its efforts to implement a unique initiative at the level of the UAE, which is launching the first two electric taxis. This initiative comes to support the efforts of RAKTA to achieve the environmental sustainability in the means of transport in Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

Environmental Sustainability Award 2020

H.E Dr. Saif Muhammad Al-Ghais, Director General of the Environment Protection and Development Authority in Ras Al Khaimah, honored H.E Eng. Esmaeel Hasan Al Blooshi, Director General of RAKTA, for the authority’s obtaining the second place in the Environmental Sustainability Award at the level of government entities in the emirate, which was organized by the Environment Protection and Development Authority for the year 2020. This honor comes in appreciation of RAKTA’s efforts in implementing strategic projects and initiatives aimed at reducing the environmental footprint, reducing carbon emissions, and contributing to achieving environmental sustainability in the emirate.

Stevie Global Awards 2020

RAK Transport Authority won a number of Stevie Global Awards – Tournament of 2020, in various fields.

Gold Awards
  • Category – Innovation in Education and Training Apps.

  • Category of Innovation in Investor Relations.

  • Category of Innovation in Brand Renovation and Re-Branding.

Silver Awards
  • Category of Innovation in Business Utility Apps.

  • Category of Excellence in Innovation in Business Products and Services.

  • Category of Innovative Management in Government.

Bronze Awards
  • Category of Innovation in Energy and Sustainability.

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