Aug 17, 2020
600 training hours via the interactive knowledge hub

RAKTA implemented 10 training programs through the digital platform that was launched during the second quarter of 2020 under the name “Interactive Knowledge Hub”. 20 training hours completed by each employee, and a total of 600 training hours for all employees.

The platform aims to develop the employee’s skills and capabilities. It included various types of training programs in self-management strategy, security and safety, creativity, innovation, project management and information technology.

Furthermore, the platform achieved great success during COVID19 pandemic through the continuation of remote training programs for employees according to the approved training plan for the year 2020, which contributed to saving time, effort and enhancing self-education opportunities for employees.

 In addition, the platform will be linked to the performance evaluation program, so that the training programs are developed according to the needs of the departments and employees in a way that serves all specialties in the authority.

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