Nov 03, 2022
RAKTA implements a training workshop on the first aid

RAKTA’s security and safety team organized an awareness training workshop on basic first aid under the title “Community Readiness” in cooperation and coordination with the Emirates Foundation “Sanid” and the Youth Hub in Ras Al Khaimah.

The workshop dealt with the importance of first aid, the qualities that characterize the paramedic, the types of first aid, how to intervene in emergency with types of fainting, convulsions, angina pectoris, or in the case of the implantation of a foreign body inside the body, and how to deal with cases of wounds and bleeding or in cases of fires and other other cases.

The workshop, which was attended by members of the security and safety team, members of RAKTA’s youth team, and a group of taxi and bus drivers, aims to spread the culture of first aid and enhance their awareness and knowledge in their working and private lives.

At the end of the workshop, the lecturer, Mr. Jassem Al-Harmi, was honored by the head of the security and safety team in the authority.

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