Jun 23, 2020
RAKTA launches “Don’t feel burdened” initiative for drivers in cooperation with the Emirati Red Crescent

RAKTA launched “Don’t feel burdened” initiative in cooperation with the Red Crescent. This initiative aims at increasing the level of health awareness among drivers and raise their culture of preventive and occupational health and safety and environmental measures. 500 boxes were distributed containing protective equipment such as masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and vitamin C.

This comes within the framework of the authority’s keenness to enhance its social responsibility to protect society members and focus on educating drivers about the risks that can be exposed under the current circumstances.

Mr. Mohammed Hashem Esmaeel, Director of Quality Control and Operations stated that this initiative comes within the Authority’s awareness and educational initiatives. This reflects the Authority’s interest in educating drivers and introducing them to their duties to maintain and establish health and safety as a lifestyle, which leads to creating a positive and sustainable social impact.

He also confirmed the importance of coordination and joint cooperation between all institutions, government agencies and public benefit societies to help in reducing the spread of COVID 19, led by the Emirati Red Crescent, for the Authority’s participation in this community initiative.

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