Privacy Policy

RAK Transport Authority is committed to achieving the highest quality levels towards the satisfaction of the customers and the concerned parties, and to enhancing its operations in accordance with the highest security standards. Our priorities include the commitment to protecting the privacy rights of all our customers who visit the website of RAK Transport Authority.

Information Collection and Usage

Privacy and security policy is committed to the guidelines of RAK Transport Authority related to the collection and usages of the personal information. RAKTA also uses its website for the following purposes :

Collecting the information for the purpose of developing and improving the experience of the customer and responding accurately to the submitted requests. RAKTA is committed to not sharing with any other party any data, information or e-mail addresses rendered through the website.

Providing facilities of the electronic transactions or payment information in case the customer has the desire to share his data with RAKTA.

Information and database can be used, processed and disclosed to government bodies in Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah to accomplish the transactions online and through the smart systems, and to keep records such as invoices, permits, licenses and other relevant objectives.

Collecting the usage statistics for managing the website, such as assessing the information to identify what is of the most and least interest, and determining the technical design specifications, and identifying the system performance issues, with the consideration that such information does not recognize the customer personally.

Collect the following information about your visit “the internet website and/or the internet protocol address (IP) from which you access RAKTA’s website, the type of browser, the operating system used to access RAKTA’s website, the date and time of the visit, and the pages you visited.

Protection of User’s Information

RAKTA utilizes the latest technologies to protect all the information identified as sensitive or any other data required to be protected in order to meet the requirements of the federal or local regulations in Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

Safe Transfer of Information

This website is committed to provide sufficient protection for the information provided to RAKTA which includes electronic, material and legal protection measures in order to maintain your confidential information. In addition, RAKTA encrypts the information to be considered sensitive or the data that should be kept confidential according to the legal requirements.

Protection of Personal Information

Your personal information will only be available to RAKTA’s employees whose work conditions require their acquaintance with such information, and such information will not be available for public without your consent. In addition, no information will be exchanged or shared with any other party without your prior consent. Access to such information will not be allowed except to those qualified and competent who assume providing RAKTA’s services. You will have the right at any time to review, amend or correct your personal information provided to us by you.

Other Websites and Applications

This privacy policy applies only to the websites of RAK Transport Authority. When you are redirected to external websites, you have to read the privacy policy of those websites. RAKTA will not be held responsible for any damage or loss that may result from browsing those websites.

Privacy Breach

In case you get notified about changes to your account that you did not make, or if you suspect that your information is not protected on RAKTA’s website, please communicate with us through the email info@RAKTA.GOV.AE or call the toll-free number 8001700.

Toll Free:

800 1700


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