Nov 17, 2022
RAKTA launches E-Saqr card

Based on RAKTA’s efforts to provide smart transportation solutions in line with its strategic directions to encourage mass transportation and achieve integration between the various transportation systems to facilitate the journey of customers through the public transportation system and to provide flexible payment options by activating the electronic collection system for public transport bus fares, RAKTA launched the Electronic Saqr card, which will be used by public transport users in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah to pay trip fares from the cash value available in the electronic card’s wallet.

The E-Saqr card is divided into three categories: the blue card is for all users and categories; the golden card is for people of determination; and the silver card is for universities and school students, as well as for senior citizens and residents. The cost of buying a card for the first time is 30 dirhams, and the available balance in the electronic wallet is 20 dirhams. Cards can be refilled at the same sales outlets at the main bus station in the southern Al Dhait area. They can also be purchased directly from buses. 

H.E Eng. Esmaeel Hasan Al Blooshi – General Manager of RAKTA, confirmed that with the launch of the E-Saqr card, there will be ease in using buses to get on and off and to reduce the time of the fare payment process. In addition, the electronic toll collection system will provide a database to help plan and develop the public transport system. Saqr Card is also part of RAKTA’s strategy to smartly transform services and provide flexible and intelligent payment solutions.

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