Jun 23, 2021
100% of transport drivers received the COVID-19 vaccine

To complement its efforts during the pandemic period, RAKTA announced that 100% of taxi and bus drivers received the “COVID-19” vaccine, of the total drivers who meet the requirements for taking the vaccine. And based on RAKTA’s social responsibility to support all the measures taken by the concerned authorities to reach the recovery stage, RAKTA was keen to educate all its drivers and employees to receive the vaccine, in support of the country’s efforts to confront COVID-19 and to ensure the highest levels of prevention and safety for drivers and transport users. Mr. Mohamed Hashem Esmaeel, Director of the Quality Control and Operations Department, pointed out that RAKTA continues to support the efforts of the country, by taking precautionary measures in all transportation and following the highest safety and prevention requirements, in line with the instructions of the competent authorities in the country, and in a manner that lives up to the aspirations of RAKTA’s clients.

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