Jan 27, 2019
Honoring a driver in recognition of his honorable demeanor and noble initiative
HE Maktoum Nasser Muraddad, GM of RAKTA, honored the driver / Mohamed Samoun Abdul Matin of Al Arabia Taxi Company, for his honorable demeanor and noble initiative in providing assistance to a foreign family. He also praised the driver’s initiative in providing assistance and dealing with passengers in an honorable manner, which is in line with the principles that the Authority is working to establish with its employees, stressing that this behavior enhances the confidence of clients in the services provided by the government to the public and encourages passengers to use taxis in the emirate.

HE also added that RAKTA is keen to continuously honor outstanding drivers based on specific standards related to daily performance, safe driving, honesty and adherence to the rules and regulations set by RAKTA, as well as respecting the time and dedication poured into their work, stressing that the honoring is a catalyst for other drivers to put more effort and sincerity into their work in bringing happiness to the users of taxi vehicles in Ras Al Khaimah.

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