Jun 17, 2021
RAKTA strengthens its business continuity systems

Within its first and fourth strategic goals, “people happiness” and “triple sustainability”, and to ensure the stability of operations, administrative systems and services during disasters and crises, and to ensure business continuity in activities, RAKTA has developed a set of administrative systems that serve these goals, which was represented in the modernization of the business continuity management system, the risk management system and corporate governance, in addition to the development of the institutional communication policy during crises which is supervised by the business continuity team in the authority to ensure the application of these systems.

RAKTA has also developed scenarios, protocols and governance standards through the internal audits implemented by the authority to identify risks and adopt a preventive approach to reduce the impact of these risks to the lowest level in order to ensure the continuity of basic business in crises and emergencies. These policies and plans also aim to reduce downtime to the lowest levels and raise the authority’s ability to meet the requirements of the public and stakeholders during crises. In addition to transforming all services into digital and smart platforms to ensure business continuity such as (e-services, customer relationship management system, internal operations ERP system, “Rakbus” application, “Careem” application for taxis and limousines e-hailing service, and “Al Bosala” application for training drivers, and other internal platforms).

It is worth noting that the authority has implemented a number of awareness and training workshops in cooperation with specialized agencies and experts through remote communication techniques to help employees understand the main requirements for business continuity and ways to implement, review and evaluate them.

As a culmination of these efforts, RAKTA has achieved 7 awards within the international Stevie Awards in systems that support business continuity.

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